Saturday, 14 July 2018

So the end is nigh, we’ve polished the animals and fed and walked…

Pre-dinner drinks and crisps on the patio at our Arbroath housesit
So the end is nigh, we’ve polished the animals and fed and walked the house, or something... the family have done most of the journey back from the US and are currently at Heathrow, waiting for their 20.00 ish flight to Edinburgh. We are finishing as we started with a night in the van, on the drive. All the animals have again been in the van, Oscar has taken a real shine to it. We’ll have to carefully check for stowaways tomorrow!

A baby blue tit (?) resting on the balcony. It eventually flew away

The van is chipper, we’ve cleaned inside and out, we’ve sterilised the water system and filled the tank, put all our clothes in the bedroom, filled the fridge, but not the freezer, must do that! Fitted a TV/DVD player that we bought in case we had to watch a football match tomorrow, though obviously that need has gone away! The only thing bugging me is a ? on the control panel by the % of leisure battery fullness. 

Oscar asleep in a cast off box in the hall
It appears after the van has been on charge for a period of time, but the only helpful comment about it on the Facebook page I have questioned is that after maybe 48 hours the panel will know the capacity of the batteries if they are new? Hmmm, by the time we leave tomorrow then. I’ve had lots of really helpful advice about batteries though, and with our solar panel and the fact that we don’t actually use much electricity when wild camping (the fridge and water heater at this point run off gas) only lights and iPad chargers and the new TV we should be fine for ages, I would just hate our first real test to be when skiing!
The start of our double Munro day. Left of centre in the distance is the second one, Creag Leacach
Approaching the first top Meall Odhar with the ski lifts of Glenshee

We’ve done another couple of Munro's, (Start: 56 deg 051'52.722"N 2deg 024'47.2"W) on what was forecast to be the first wet day, though as it turned out it was wet here, but not where we were, so that was ok. Know it was wet as Angus had a muddy tummy when we got home. They were obviously not very popular Munro’s though as the path was not the best, fortunately there was no danger of losing our way. We were overtaken at the first summit by a guy on a mountain bike which was a bit depressing though apparently he did have to carry it to begin with, that made me feel better!
On top of the first Munro, Glas Maol (1068m)
Here's the mountain biker we met on the summit

We’ve walked the cliff path on the lookout for dolphins, but they weren’t playing, the gulls were still hatch and smelling however! A lovely gentle walk.

I even sat in the same room as a football match, though I can’t say I really watched it!

Sounds like we haven’t done much, but have walked miles to the van, round the van, even the dog is exhausted as he’s done many of those journeys too! We are not planning on going far tomorrow, maybe just the seafront for a free night, looking at the sea, with a fresh Arbroath Smokie and a glass of chilled white wine....
And there he goes in the distance, camera on full zoom at this point
We saw lots of Ptarmigans with very little of their white winter plumage left. Took this myself with my new camera - good hey?
Here we are on the second Munro, Creag Leacach (987m). Behind is the first one we did
On the way down you can see the A93 on the left snaking up to the Glenshee ski resort that's at the top on the col. The mountain on the left is The Cairnwell (ski toured up that one winter many years ago), the highest point right of centre is our first Munro, Glas Maol and, just to the left, the top of Meall Odhar 
Seabirds with their young nesting on a narrow ledge above a sheer drop to rocks far below. Just one chance to fly!
The interesting coast at Arbroath
We've climbed on some of these cliffs in the past
Lunch at Arbroath harbour. Seagulls were eyeing it up, but the sign told us we couldn't feed him
Oscar cat making himself comfy in our motorhome
Angus dog chilling out in the lounge while we watched TV
Hector cat chilling out on Jackies lap
This hippopotamus is in the front garden of one of the houses on the Letham Grange golf course that we pass on our nightly walk with Angus dog
Oscar cat asleep on Brian's arm one morning
And here he is in the front of our motorhome
And on our bed looking through the window. We'll have to check for stowaways when we leave tomorrow!

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