Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My First Post

OK, here goes, I said I wasn't going to write till I finished work, but I had my leaving do last Friday, so that's pretty close!
 It's hard to believe I've been at the Beeb for 23 years, my first and only 'proper' job (farm work in a summer holiday not really counting!), and it was an awful shock to realise that we've NOT been doing Outside Broadcasts for nearly as long as we were doing them - that was the fun bit of the job, real telly, not like now! Now it's being on a telephone helpdesk for local radio sorting out their Radioman PC's, and I hate computers....! Still only 10 more working days to go!
 Anyway, back to Friday, there are two of us leaving in this round of redundancy, so the boss said we could have a bit of a 'do', he'd provide some beer and nibbles
Mmmm I'll have that one....

and we could invite some people past and present and we'd have a speech or two!

What is going on in the foreground? I know Chris and Graham haven't seen each other for a long time....

 'My Lot' then went on to the Big Wok for a bit of a feed, and then on to the pub for a bit more of a drink! All in all I had a lovely evening, being poured onto the train by Kris and Rob, before being collected at the station in Alvechurch by Brian and boring him witless repeating over and over again what a lovely time I'd had! There was a lot of reminiscing, and although the bit of the job that I'll miss has been long gone, I shall miss some of my colleagues. It's not the end though - just the start of me being one of the old fogies invited back sporadically for a catch up balti.

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  1. You did look very lovely at your leaving do! I hope you didn't leave your speech until you were too tiddled! I am so excited for you.... 10 working days to go! (less since you posted this last week!) Fantastic! See you Friday xx. P.S. Get Brian to shortern his story line!!!!! Your length is about right (though it wouldn't be Brian without all the comments and asides would it!). H xx