Friday, 28 September 2012

The End of an Era

Well it's all over, and the new life is just beginning!
I finished work at lunchtime yesterday with beer (left over from my leaving do) and fireworks (electronic ones, created by Kris to take the place of the countdown that has been running for the last few weeks on the screen that shows all the faults we (well they now) have to deal with!) I thought I was going to be terribly emotional - I'd welled up on receipt of an email 'Bye' from Pete away on a course, and then on arrival of an e-card from my Dad and Elizabeth. Arif had left for a meeting just after 1100, and we'd both got slightly damp eyes! But actually after that it was all smiles and hugs. I shan't miss the job, but I will really miss some of the guys, still we have a balti booked for November 2013!
One quick beer, then home to whip up an oriental banquet of spicy steamed black tilapia, prawn skewers, slow cooked five spice belly pork, bok choi and special fried rice. (I shall miss cooking up a storm when in a camper van, but hopefully, new, fresh ingredients will inspire us) Not just for us, Sarah and John came round, and boy, did we have a fab evening! Lots of food, tiramisu for six whipped up by Brian and all gone, and then cheese, all washed down with a bottle of bubbles, six bottles of wine and a smidge of port! Only John was working today, and how he made it to London, having not left us till 03.20 I will never know! Consequently we are chilling today, before going to Ian and Helens tomorrow for probably more of the same! We may need new livers before we go at this rate.

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  1. What is it about you two? we are glad to find it is not only us that finds dinner with the Cross's usually ends around 3am!! xx