Sunday, 3 June 2018

Epsom to Edgbaston

Brief visit back to see Sooty cat (and enjoy an ice-cream!)
From demanding Grande Dame to sulky teenager, yesterday we said our sad farewell to Frodo, who again had proved she has us wrapped round her little paw. Up to the bed for coffee, down as she was fidgety, only for her to appear beside the bed again demanding to be brought back into the Lie in. No she still can’t climb the stairs then! And it’s not just us, Linda who fed her when we were back in Brum took her for a carry round the garden....

The drive back to Brum wasn’t as bad as the drive I’d had to do after B’s op, only an hour stuck on the M25 in torrential rain...

With time to spare before coming to meet Daisy, in leafy Edgbaston, we popped in to Helen and Ian to go through our kitchen, in their loft. We’ve taken three boxes to put in the van, including an unused set of saucepans, bought years ago to go in a mobile home, they all stack inside one another so taking minimal space! It must be six years ago I bought them, talk about a long maturing plan!

H&I decided there must be an anti gardening conspiracy going on, we were going round, they’d just had a call from Manu to say that he, Crystal and her parents were walking in Cannon Hill Park, could they pop in? Then to top it off Corinne had asked her if she wanted to see a movie? Can’t, but come round and join the impromptu party....

We had a lovely evening with Debbie and John, in their beautiful house in Edgbaston, walking distance to the city centre, but peaceful and secluded. Daisy is beautiful, but is enjoying her first tastes of the outdoors, hopefully we’ll be able to get her in, as she doesn’t understand the cat flap yet, when we need to or this could be a bit of a stressful sit!

The rest of last week was taken up with an overnight with Sooty who was a bit surprised, but seemed very pleased to see us, in order for Brian to have a little lump removed from his chest. The same surgeon who took the thing from his lip last year, so hopefully it will heal just as beautifully. I dropped him off before going to Corinne’s to do something useful while waiting. We hadn’t actually got past the gossiping stage, or into work clothes when B called to say he was out. Great, stop off at mum to unload another car load of stuff we’ve bought for the van and back to Frodo.

Wednesday the car went into hospital, it’s not been right since its service, engine in safe mode, so no go at all. Fortunately the garage worked out the problem and fixed it for a very reasonable sum, so all is well there too.

Today? Enjoying the sunshine and peace and tranquility before what I fear is going to be a busy week, starting this evening with a Sunday Tea Club with special guests, Crystal’s parents, and the best thing? We can walk into the Chinese quarter.
Sooty enjoyed our brief visit back to Hall Green on Monday
And whilst I had my little op at the QE hospital in Birmingham, Jackie got to work at Corinne's house (in between gossiping that is)
Then back to Epsom for a final few evenings with lovely Frodo cat

Frodo enjoying a bit of company
A break in our 130 mile, 2hr30min drive from Epsom to Edgbaston, here we are at Helen and Ian's house in Moseley at an impromptu afternoon gathering. LtoR: Crystal, Brian, Helen, Ian, Manu, Corinne and Jackie. Sadly, out of the picture is Crstals mum, sitting next to Crystal's right and her dad who took the photo, both coming to the end of their month long trip over here from Hong Kong (will try to get a photo of them at tonights Sunday Tea Club and post on the next blog)
And so we finally arrived at our next week long housesit in Edgbaston, Birmingham to look after young Daisy cat
Who seems to quite like a bit of fuss....
When she's not running off and hiding. Too much energy, we're used to slow old Frodo cat!

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