Friday, 29 June 2018

A fluffy blog

Brian with Angus dog
Time for a fluffy blog, well everything else is covered in fluff, so why not the blog? Oscar is a fluffy cat, but he has been to the groomers and is loving his pared down look. Hector is a ‘normal’ cat and doesn’t know what all the fuss is about. Angus is a very fluffy dog who really feels the heat, which we are having just now. Last weekend was walks in the woods to keep in the shade, but was very pleasant, we may make it to the beach if it rains!

So operation ‘dog brush’ is in process, I sit on the rug upstairs, brush in hand and he comes to me, sits on my knee, enjoys the fuss and wanders off when he’s had enough. It seems to be working well, though I am covered in fur, the new trousers I bought today were covered in fur before the dog even came home, I’ve got fur up my nose, and food seems to come with an added helping of fur. He is looking beautiful, cooler and if only I could spin I could knit a new puppy!
Hector cat
Big Oscar about to 'bounce' Hector

Hector is a cool cat, last in, but is not at the bottom of the pecking order by any means. He and Oscar seem to tolerate each other and we’ve seen each one ‘bounce’ the other at various times. I did happen to catch them, one morning at 05.00 (don’t ask), hunting together in the hedge, a formidable team and I don’t hold much hope for whatever it was they were after. It was lovely to see them working together though. 

Hectors daytime hidey hole, in the corner behind the sofa
He has his own little quirks, spending much of the day behind the sofa - no one can sneak up on him there, popping out for cuddles and food before going out to do cat things overnight. Despite being quite shy he doesn’t hate me even after I got B to come and help me hold him while I removed a tick (evil little things) and then put the flea/tick spot on on him. He’s also a master of escapology, the catflap is locked when we go to bed so they can come in only, however, he’s come in, said hello (yes, it’s lovely to see you, even if it is 03.00) had a snack and then gone back outside. Obviously I cursed Brian for ‘locking’ the catflap after I had locked it, so unlocking it, but no, it was still locked, he must have learnt how to pull it towards himself and wiggle under. I mentioned this to Louise and she confirmed she thought it had happened too, nice to know I’m not going mad!
Oscar cat and Angus dog on the evening walk together

Oscar is still huge, as shown in the photo in the last blog, and weighs a ton. He is still a ninja though, just today leaving us with two birds outside the van as van warming presents. I’ve told him it’s very sweet, but enough is enough. He is quite taken with the van, has given it a good looking over, the only place he hasn’t been so far is on the overcab bed, but there is still plenty of time for that! He does have a bit of an identity problem, thinking he is at least half dog, joining Angus for his bedtime walk. It’s lovely to see them walking together, though Oscar was practicing his jujitsu kicks last night, perfectly positioned to never make contact!
Arbroath smokies for dinner one night - yummy!
Toby's partner (forgotten her name), Jackie, Jane and Toby on our walk

So apart from fussing furries, tinkering with ‘snail’, taking my bike into the ‘hospital’ we’ve done little of note, except yesterday he decided, on the hottest day of the year, we should go and do a couple of Munros . He did them last time we were here, but I’d avoided them then. It was the most convivial walk in a long time, meeting a trio, a ‘husband and wife’ and his sister, originally from the UK but now living in San Diego (the couple) so they were well used to hiking in the heat. B did make the mistake of trying to walk and talk at the pace Toby set which was faster than the norm and actually caused him problems for the rest of the walk, that’ll be the testosterone kicking in then.... There was also a local, ex-copper as he described himself who we had a good chat with on both summits, not to mention the other brief chats we had in passing.
On the way up Mayar (Munro), looking back down to Glen Doll
On the summit of Dreish. Taken by Phil the retired cop

It was lovely to finish though, get into the car and put on the aircon to fight off the 29 degree heat. It was even lovelier to get back, for a beer on the patio, and to be joined by all three furries, after Angus had forgiven us for not being here when he got home and making him worry by not leaving him a note!

Today, the whole of the UK is in red on the weather chart, except for a tiny piece of eastern Scotland, where it is lightly drizzling on the washing!
Angus checking out our van
Having a look in the cab
Oscar checking out our van
Having a look in the shower
And the bathroom
And the seats (excuse the mess on the top of the overcab bed)
He thinks this corner cupboard in our bedroom is pretty good
And the view out of the window is OK too
Not sure whether he was watching this young buzzard stretching his wings in the tree

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