Thursday, 5 April 2018

The end is in sight... Days 162 to 169

Being filmed taking a photo
Si & Cassie
The end is in sight. Blink and Easter has been and almost gone, I can't remember Easter really making a difference when we've been here before, but this year....?

We went out on Maundy Thursday against our better judgement, there was lots of 'stuff' falling from the sky, but Si and Cassie's cameraman wanted some more skiing shots, and as we've been saying all season, "if there's anything you need, you only have to ask" well they asked. We didn't go far, we played in the powder in the trees, fell over, hopefully he'll get something useable out of it... and of course it did mean we got more hugs from Si.

Wednesday and Thursday were 'British days' in St Jean, which seemed to mean a few random activities, including scones, jam and cream at the cat cafe, so after wet skiing with C&S it seemed rude not to ..... they were very good, I even had a cup of tea! B was thrilled, Chocco cat came to say hello, gave me a bit of a cuddle but then moved on to sleep on Brian, meant I had to jam and cream his scone as he couldn't move, but it was worth it for the comfy cat apparently!

I'm guessing it's that Easter is early and the snow has been falling, but the slopes have been very busy, seemingly full of out of control people. We haven't enjoyed the last couple of skis we've had though yesterday at the Terche was better people wise, the slopes went from ice to slush in the space of about 10 metres and 10 minutes, depending on aspect and sun exposure. We weren't planning on being out long as thunderstorms were forecast for the afternoon and duly arrived causing all sorts of closures and problems in the big area. But we didn't need to be out for long in order to cross the 2000km skied barrier. He's happy! There will be more stats when we finally leave and admit there will be no more skiing, but I might make him put them in 'anorak' green!

Monday was dry and clear, we drove to the big car park and straight out the other end. There were just too many cars, so too many people, on snow that was going to be slush in a moment. Instead we came back changed equipment and went to do one of the via ferratta that we did the first year we were here. We did the red, as the one with the interesting balance beam.... it was just as good as we remembered, as sadly was the walk in and out on mud and leaves! Thoroughly enjoyed it, though there are no pictures as with only the phone to use, he was scared of dropping it! He might insert a picture from 2014 who knows. Or look at the picture of Alex from a couple of blogs ago.

Apart from that, despite not giving up chocolate for Lent we seem to have over indulged, mousse, millionaires shortbread, and the second tub of Quality Street. Makes up for some of the strange meals we are having, trying to empty the cupboards as we have booked the ferry, we return to Blighty on the 18th April. First stop mum, then Uncle Martyn to enable us to visit a big motorhome show in Peterborough, and then the first new Housesit for Stanley cat in Frome before returning to our beloved Sooty in Hall Green. So yes, the end of peace and tranquillity is in sight, as the madness of our summer takes over.
Haig & Gabby, the couple running Si & Cassies chalet this season
Me 'n 'er. Can't beat a selfie. 
Chocco cat comfortable on Brian's lap with Jackie waving a scone in front
Elephant rock in St Jean d'Aulps with two via ferratas and 100 rock climbs on. Does it look ,like an elephants head?
The signpost explaining the routes. We did the red one in the picture
At the start. The wire and metal hoops can be seen snaking upwards
Jackie appearing at the top of the route
And the view of St Jean d'Aulps from the top. Our apartment is out of sight off up the valley to the right
A photo from 4 years ago of the wooden bar section...
And the view beneath your feet as you step over
Amazing views and exposure all the way
Iconic view of Roc d'Enfer at the top of our local resort
Fabulous fresh powder that fell on 31st March. It's the best end to a season we've seen in our three seasons
See those circle marks in the snow to the right? Those are Jackies and mine. She went down carving 'S's, I went down after carving opposite 'S's. Neat hey?
The view as you come out of the lift at mid station in 'The Terche', our local resort

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