Friday, 20 April 2018

And that’s why we are buying a motor home.....

The journey across France wasn’t too bad 8 1/2 hours to the ferry terminal in Calais, in time to catch the 15.30 one earlier ferry than booked. Hurrah we thought, though that did put us on the M25 at rush hour. Or actually on and off and on and off as we followed Doris the satnav 4 1/4 hours later , at 20.15 we arrived at mum’s to a very welcome dinner, who cares it was stew on the hottest day, but that’s British weather for you! So 16 hours after the alarm went off!

Yesterday was unpacking, repacking, sorting, washing, though I did manage to get a haircut, much needed as the last one was at the beginning of December, before a very welcome G&T at Sarah’s followed by a curry with mum. Oh yes, we are home.

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  1. Hurray hurray hurray! Xx love from the Harveys xxxx