Sunday, 28 August 2016

Catching up in Hall Green before our next adventure

How has this happened?

Sooty cat, unimpressed by all the recent action
Two weeks passed in a flash, have I been in stasis? Have we done anything exciting?
Abi has been and gone and come back and gone again, Sooty is still having an affair with Brian and we've finally booked flights! Am I excited? No!

So Brian has finally finished his battery of healthchecks which are all clear, we've seen Alex for coffee, Jason for financial advice, Denise and Paul for a nice walk and good pub lunch. Can I remember anything about the walk? Not really, it's all about the chat.

Out walking with Denise & Paul near Great Alne in Warwickshire
We've been to the gym (scary), spent a day gardening for mum (really scary) and had a yellow fever jab (really really scary for B!) And then we've eaten. We went round to Steph's so Brian could help Sam move a radiator and I could help entertain Rory. What a sweetheart, but he doesn't stop. Lovely lunch and chippy tea. We went round to Fiona's for a birthday BBQ for Jenny, Abbie, Fi and James, everyone except Becky really! James was cooking from the moment we arrived till we left, yummy it was too, along with cake for all. 
The lovely 11th century church at Great Alne
As if this wasn't enough we went out for a curry in the evening with Mum and Abi and Helen and Ian. H&I volunteer to be stand in emergency help for Mum while we are away so touching base every now and then seems a good plan. It also seemed a good idea for Abi to come along as everyone has heard so much about each other.

Jackie, Denise and Paul
Yesterday, B's birthday, we spent with H&I, we walked into Birmingham along the canal from Bourneville. Mexican quesadillas for lunch by the canal, new for H&I and good training for us. Before meeting up with Manu and Crystal to look at the massive disruption in the centre of Birmingham where they have demolished the old library and one of the major ring road underpasses, pleasant pint and home on the train. A first for Monty Dog, also a first on an escalator! Back to H&I where B baked himself a smaller version of the favourite Oreo birthday cake, with moral support from the rest of us. Helen made pizza dough, Manu and Crystal turned up with freshly cooked dumplings for starters and we all created our own pizza, followed by cake and a random sampling of the liqueur cabinet! If that wasn't enough we are off to Tim and Jill's in Derby for a 'Monday Club' buffet, then lunch with Judith and Richard tomorrow, out for a curry with Dani and John on Tuesday........

Very pleasant Warwickshire countryside and country houses
James, my daughter Fiona's partner permanently BBQ'ing
So why were quesadillas good training for us I hear you ask? We have our next Housesit planned, 5 weeks in Mexico over Christmas looking after three dogs, a mere 8000km from where we may be in Santiago, a fifth of the way round the world, but hey it sort of makes sense!

So along with Sooty fussing, an ongoing DIY project for Abi, and shopping, I have a rucksack on order, but no new clothes to put in it, B has clothes but no bag, it's all been fairly busy! 

Nephew Nick in the hot tub with Sam and Rory looking on
Stop Press. B now has a bag too, H&I have bought him the same as mine , so it's just clothes for me then....

Brians youngest granddaughter Jenny enjoying the hot tub at the party
Birthday girl Abbie talking to her Grandmother (Brians ex wife). In the middle is Becky, Brians middle granddaughter with boyfriend Harry
The birthday cakes. Brians is on the left
Brian with his Cookies and Cream Party Cake that he baked
Malcolm holding the cake for Abbie on the right. Steph (pregnant with her second child) is taking the photo
Sooty cat still unimpressed by the action

In the cool Gas Street canal basin just off Broad Street in Birmingham City Centre with Ian, Helen and Monty dog
Outside the new library in Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham
A skull sculpture in Centenary Square with curry plants growing all over it. The smell was amazing. Behind is the old registry office currently under development
Birmingham is undergoing big changes. Already the new Bull Ring with the iconic Selfridges building is complete along with the new fabulous Grand Central (New Street) railway station are open but this area is where the old library once stood and is being redeveloped as a huge pedestrianised area with big open spaces and shops to link it to Broad Street, Centenary Square, the new library and all the other fabulous building now putting Birmingham really on the map as a great place to visit. This is due for completion at the end of 2017. The demolition has given a rare view of the superb architecture of the Law Courts, the Art Gallery and the Town Hall
We met up with Manu and Crystal as well and here we all are next to the Town Hall peeking through the barriers at the work going on
Victoria Squre, Birmingham with Manu and Crystal chatting to Jackie while Helen, Ian and Monty dog look at a notice board
Manu, Crystal, Ian, Helen and Jackie making home made pizzas in Ian and Helens kitchen
Brian with his birthday cake
Excited yet Sooty? No, apparently not!

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  1. Lovely blog. And what a really nice pic of Brian with his Birthday cake! Xxx