Sunday, 7 August 2016

Aylesbury and on

Winston sniffing the camera with Edith behind
This may be a pictureless blog, or not very good as first try posting from the iPad as a) although it's been very chilled we haven't done too much and b) we are going to be wifi free for a few days! Due to circumstances beyond our control we are not in Derby, poor Tim, while in the gym suffered a pneumothorax, or partial burst lung, normally an athlete's injury! He should be fine, but can't fly, so their trip to Italy is off! We were invited to stay while they were on their staycation but this felt a bit intrusive, so as a late breaking decision we are off to Coniston tomorrow for five days with mum! Looks like a lovely cottage, but no wifi!

The Boer War Monument atop Coombe Hill
The PM's country retreat of Chequers with Coombe Hill behind
We had a lovely last few days with the small furries, involving a dental appointment for Brian leading to a trip to Lockwoods in Leamington, followed by a few short local walks, Coombe Hill and Wendover woods. Interesting time at Coombe Hill with our own personal National Trust guide, as no one else wanted to join us. "See that wind turbine over there? Used to be the biggest, now second biggest. " Turns out to be right by where we were staying. Interesting? Brian thought so!

The inadvertent power of photo manipulation. This is a view from the top of Coombe Hill showing the PM's country retreat of Chequers (partly covered by scaffold). I thought I was joining two photos taken from the same point but, after joining them using a bit of software I have I realised I had taken them from different points. The result is 2 Chequers! I can't even see the join of the two photos - scary!
A Red Kite sits in a tree at Coombe Hill
Brian did a slightly longer walk on his own, breaking in his new walking shoes, though they may have broken him in. Hopefully they will reach an agreement after the amount he spent on them!
I had a quick look round Aylesbury, as it used to be a regular shopping haunt. Not anymore. Brian popped into an ex customer of his which was much more satisfying, he was greeted with open arms, literally and lots of chat.

The lovely village of Ellesborough in the Chiltern Hills
Late night summer drinks in Ian and Helens garden
Back up to the Midlands for more medical appointments. Three hours, over two days in the dentists chair for me, and a follow up for the small lump Brian had removed from his top lip. The fact that he needed a follow up had been concerning, does more need to come out? Fortunately no, she wanted to see him as this kind of lump can be an indicator of Lynch syndrome. "Has anyone in your family had bowel cancer?" She carefully started off asking, thinking she was going to be the bearer of bad tidings. Explaining that he does have Lynch syndrome and as a result a barrage of tests the appointment finished quickly and painlessly!

Monty dog isn't sure whats going. It's what happens when humans have too much wine!
We spent yesterday with Helen, Ian and Monty dog, B and Ian path laying in the garden and H and I hedge trimmings and all sorts. Went out for a yummy meal at Blue Ocean, the Malaysian fusion restaurant we discovered in Acocks Green. All quite restrained as I can't drink on my dental antibiotics there was no heavy drinking by anyone, what sweeties, but a lovely day!

Ian working hard while Brian looks on
Woke to an email from the two fluffy bunnies in Acocks Green saying their sitter has to leave any chance of us filling in? What appalling timing!

Monty dog makes light work of destroying a box

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  1. Not sure if you will see this until next week when back in wifi land... it was lovely spending the whole day and pottering around the house. thanks for all you did to help with the chores. really looking forward to catching up with you and Pauline in just over a weeks time. lots of love xx