Saturday, 9 July 2016

Week 2 Arbroath

Brian with Angus dog on one of our walks

No doggy daycare this week, so we’ve been in charge of walkies. We know Angus probably wouldn’t mind the same walk every day, but we quite like seeing different things, and we’ve got the car to take him off in, so rude not to!

Brian, Andy, Jackie and Becca under the Forth rail bridge
Sunday we didn’t take him anywhere new though as we were meeting up with Andy and Becca, he is an ex Solihull mountaineering club chairman and Becca his wife who he met when he moved up here a good few years ago. We had a lovely visit, a nice lunch before a little walk by the Forth, looking at the three bridges, road, rail and under construction! Spot the locals, they were the ones in waterproofs in the sunshine who got the last laugh as we got very wet in a short sharp downpour!

The Forth rail bridge (the expression 'It's like the Forth rail bridge, the painting will never be finished' is now no longer true as a special paint has now been applied that lasts much longer, so it is now 'finished'), beyond it the road bridge and beyond that the unfinished new road bridge (spot the gaps)
'Me and my dog' Walking in Glen Clova
So we’ve been to woods and beaches and everything in between. His biggest day out, both in distance to get there and walking time was a trip up to Glen Clova. We worked out how the harness worked so he could sit on the back seat and enjoy radio 2 and the air conditioning! Not sure he was bothered about radio 2! It was a lovely walk through woods up and back either side of a river which we could mostly hear but sometimes not see. 
On the bridge at the head of Glen Clova
Trotty dog after eating his al fresco lunch
On reaching the furthest point we stopped for a sandwich, and as we were picnicking we thought Angus should to, well he’s not very good at eating his breakfast! He was most surprised but decided al fresco eating was really quite good. It also revitalised him and he trotted all the way back.

On the beach at St Cyrus bay near Montrose
The lovely St Cyrus bay from the cliff top
We’ve decided he likes woods better than beaches, which I suppose isn’t actually that much of a surprise, more to sniff in the woods, plus for a dog with that much fur although cooling down in the sea has a certain appeal taking a week to dry has less appeal! We went off piste in the woods yesterday, rebelling against Brian and his plan – who takes an OS map to the woods? Blundering up and down random paths works just as well!

Toby the bath cat (we don't know why)
Toby the sleepy cat
Not really much to say, a picture will speak a thousand words. Talking of which we’ve started the 3000 piece jigsaw, thank goodness Mum is arriving today, it’s going very slowly! Changing the bed for her yesterday involved a very excited Toby cat, he’s heard tell of the bed monster and took this as his opportunity to examine every layer of the bed as it was made to give it a good seeing to! Very funny and although it took twice as long did brighten up a boring chore!

Toby under the sheet while bedmaking
Helping with the sheet while Angus looks on
The jig saw puzzle is out on the dining room table
Oscar decisides Brian needs help with reading his book
Den in the woods! Jackie and Angus inspect the work of others
Jackie and Angus on the cliff top walk at Arbroath
Here's a few photos from the coastal Geodiversity Trail walk in Arbroath. This is called 'The Cruise'
The coastline here is an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) It comprises two thick layers of red sandstone laid down 410 million and 370 million years ago
Dickmont's Den. It's 200m deep and 100m wide. Quite interested in that cave on the left!
The Deil's Heid
Carlingheugh Bay
Castle Gate on Carlingheugh Beach
Angus wanted to go down to take a closer look at the sea stack at Deil's Heid
And also to pose for a lovely photo!
This is about the best photo I could get of the Bell Rock lighthouse, 11 miles out with my point and shoot camera

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  1. Could just about see the light house when zoomed in! Monty is getting jealous of you loving Angus too much. Please give him some extra strokes and kisses when you see him soon! Xxxxx