Sunday, 24 July 2016

Back to Brum and on to Redmarley d'Abitot

Where has the time gone? Again?

Back in Hall Green, Birmingham with Sooty the cat
An easy journey home after final dog walk the first 15 mins of which was spent circumnavigating the house to bundle Oscar into Brian's arms so Angus and I could have a decent walk without him, it was a shame, as it is so cute, but he needed a good walk, and was very keen. Horrible saying goodbye as they were all very cute, but on a practical note horrible not seeing the family safely home, already knowing they were delayed in the States and may miss their connection back up to Edinburgh. 

And then on to Redmarley with dogs, Oscar, Flora, Muffin and Max
However dog walking had been organised and texts with Louise at least let us know they were back in the UK.

Quick fish and chip at mums before heading off to Sooty in Hall Green, arriving by 19.00, do we want to go to either party we've been invited to? A quick look at Brian's face said it all. Chilling with Sooty and a movie it was then. Sunday tea club with special guests Phil and Sue from Poole was fantastic as ever, in fact Crystal really excelled herself.

Jackie walking through the woods with the dogs
Brian with Fred the cat
Down to Richard and Judith on Monday in time for dog walking which due to the ridiculous temperatures kept getting pushed back. Richard has worked hard in the woods, taking out a pair of secateurs on walks with him, and in areas where route finding may be tricky moving logs to form a path for us to walk down, not that the dogs would actually let us get lost but they might think it was funny to make us blunder through the undergrowth! The most exciting thing though is a new path going down to a flooded field where they can all swim. Oscar surprisingly quickly.

Back for yummy quiche and lots more talking, there never is enough time for that, before bed. Up in the am and we were on duty as departure time for R&J was 08.30. By the time we've walked for an hour, fed the dogs on their BARF diet (bones and raw food) which takes some preparation, and had breakfast it's almost 10.30 and the cleaners have arrived.

'Feed me!'
Max and Jackie reach an understanding
Wednesday Helen came to visit to meet the furries and help with dog walking as B was on the 'magic powder' before his regular medical procedure on Thursday. Sadly we had a lovely lunch but no dog walking as it was just too hot. B managed an hour out between doses fortunately as four woofies on my own is a scary prospect. I know R&J do it individually, but they are their dogs! Fortunately while we still had the dogs on their leads having just arrived, a fox ran across our path! Flora gave chase for all but gave up a long time before the others would have, so we are not still there waiting for their return!

Animals relaxing in their purpose built raised dog platform bed in the 'dog room'. Charlie the little fluffy cat has pushed Max the dog out, who has to rest on the floor!
Oscar decides Brian is a comfy bed!
B's procedure went well and he was back in time for lunch, hurrah. The week has continued in much the same vein with the 'excitement' last night of Oscar heading into the lake after the duck that can't fly. He's done this before but the duck has always given him the slip. Last night it couldn't lose him and they went back and forth for a good 20 mins. We all went and hid before one very, very tired dog finally admitted defeat.

Off out now, back into the woods before paella for six tonight, most of the prep is done, just hope the sun stays in, perverse really, but it's just been too hot!

Oscar decides he needs most of the sofa for serious relaxation!
Down at the flooded field for cooling off on a hot afternoon

While Oscar goes swimming in the deep part

Here he is swimming after the duck - which he did for at least 20 minutes

While the other dogs look on

A Jackie and Ginger cat selfie

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  1. Oscar sure is top doggie!
    hope you are moved on to next location ok?
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