Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The mad cat woman of Melaka

Rose wolfing down her seafish flavoured food

It’s official, I am now the mad cat woman of Melaka (as well as many other places!) In trying to decide what to eat for our dinner last night we decided a beer by the river might help, and very pleasant it was too. From our vantage point though we could see Rose, mother of the 5 kittens being very naughty – we knew she was going to jump on the table before the diners did, and she wouldn’t take no for an answer, now we know she is eating for 6 and so did the lady in the restaurant, but she still had to protect her diners with a squirty bottle of water. So before going to eat we nipped to the local shop for a sachet of cat food, borrowed a dish from the restaurant and swept her away from the ‘nice people’, despite the looks and laughter as the waitress explained to the new arrivals what was going on. She wolfed down her dinner and we went off happily for ours assuming she would be a good cat and go back to her babies.

Rose with her 5 kittens
Didn’t see her on our way out tonight, but on our way back there she was outside her house, with owner, the very picture of kittie domesticity. And he’d got some flea medicine and the kittens aren’t crawling anymore. So flea free and clear eyed, the healthiest kittens we've seen in Malaysia. SO pleased to see them all one last time before we go!

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