Thursday, 24 October 2013

Late breaking news…..

We are now safe and sound in KL again! No this wasn’t the plan, but as we were drifting round Kuala Lipis this morning trying to buy snacks for our 10 hours combined train journeys, we came to the railway station. Why we went in and showed her our e-tickets who knows (“look aren’t we clever we bought these on the web?”) but she walked away and came back and said there was a problem, a train derailed last night north of Gemas, so we wouldn’t be going there today! Now it’s odd, I’ve had really bad vibes about this journey and as soon as she said that I actually felt relief! We marched fairly quickly to the bus station, after the ticket lady and I convinced Brian that the only way out was by bus to KL, to find many buses would be leaving, so we booked tickets for 13:00 and B went back to the railway station to get the ticket money for the next two journeys refunded. This seemed to go smoothly, but may take 30 days, so we’ll see!

So here we are back at the Orange Pekoe our home away from home in KL, they seemed pleased to see us, and they are all lovely people, so we are happy to be here. All that remains is to go to the bus station tomorrow to get a ticket to Johor Bahru, hopefully this won’t present a problem, it’s not school holidays or anything.

What is odd though, we’ve hunted the web for news of this derailment, but all we can find is a headline: Singapore-bound train derails in Malaysia, 6 injured - Channel ... but the link goes to a news site where there is no story….! Go on Tim, find out the details for us!

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  1. How strange...... glad you were not on it anyway. How many days left before you fly back to UK? (Can't say 'home' really coz you'll not be able to go there I presume?). Still, I bet mum / Pauline is looking forward to seeing you soon - we are! The Nov weekend will be brill! xx