Friday, 16 August 2013

Safe and sound in Singapore

Boats stacked 3 high at St Kilda in Melbourne - this is not normal!

We left the comfort of Marilyn and Bill for a convenient hotel to the airport, which did what it said on the tin I guess, but sadly whenever we set an alarm nowadays I’m worse than ever I used to be and barely sleep! Oh well.

First cat experience

Easy trip to the airport for the 7 ¾  hr flight to Singapore, 5 hrs of which were over Oz! It really is a very big country!

Singapore 'Little India' street scenes
Easy landing, immigration and customs all went very smoothly, and even only 2/3 the cost for a taxi that ‘information’ suggested it would be, but boy is it hot and humid! Quick wander around ‘Little India’ where we are staying, meeting our first friendly cat within moments! Hurrah!  Before returning to the restaurant by the hotel where we were collared on our way out by a very smooth waiter. Lovely food, cheapish beer, a few mins on the internet and it’ll be acceptable to read my book in bed!

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  1. Glad you have arrived safely! Looking forward to seeing and hearing about all the weird food you encounter! (and the scenery of course!). Helen x