Monday, 26 August 2013

Last night in Phetchaburi

This little chap was sitting on the stairs when we got back

I know we keep going on about the price, but this really does take the biscuit!

It was raining (only a little bit but B thought we would dissolve) so rather than cycle into the Monday market and onto a restaurant, Nisi walked us up the road to the ‘local’, which meant a few prepared things, and one lady slaving over a hot wok at the front of the ‘restaurant’. Nisi ordered, as only Thai was spoken (though sadly some of her ordering seemed to get lost in translation) as we got the piece of crispy belly pork and dipping sauce, the minced port with holy basil, but the stir fry vegetable didn’t appear till I went and pointed!
Jackie writing her blog (with teddy looking on!)
Still with the two portions of rice and the bottle of water, final bill…….87baht, £1.78! We left the extra 13 baht as a tip! Beer from the shop down the road 90 baht (it’s only 640ml, not 1L but it is 6.4%!) and ice-cream 20baht!

Brian: I know how to treat a lady!

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  1. OMG! Teddy is still alive! Have been scared to ask after him in case he had got lost, squashed or worse.... eaten by mistake! (some of the food you have been eating does look a bit, well....). Nice to see you having a bit of luxury for a change and at a nice easy price to help Brian with his budgeting spreadsheet. xxx