Monday, 22 October 2012

He's Gone

So my little kitty Cat has gone to his new home, Hilda and Keith in Atherstone where I'm sure he'll have a fab life. Hilda is a dream, and he seemed really chilled, he wasn't happy with the 35 min journey, but once we got there he was as good as gold, wandering around, exploring, seeming really inquisitive. He really did seem quite happy, waved us off from the landing half way up the stairs, looking very comfortable. I was fine as we left, he looked so at home, it was just when we got home, and he wasn't here, and we had supper, and he wasn't looking in case there was anything for him. Even sitting on the sofa is strange, as the blanket for our legs went with him, as it was more his than ours anyway!
Hopefully he's happier just now than I am, he probably hasn't even noticed we've gone! Tomorrow I'll be fine as we won't be in the house any longer ourselves either, so just one night of strangeness, and I do know he'll have a lovely life.

Jasper AKA Tiddles
Brian: Anyway, perhaps we can now focus on the final bits of packing and, tomorrow we move out temporarily into Jackie's mum's. Carpet, kitchen and window cleaning, some garden maintenance and we're done (sounds easy!), ready for our lodgers to move in on Friday.

Car also goes on Friday as we've decided to sell it, so we'll really feel like gypsies!

He forgot to mention the packing, that's going to be the biggest problem, but it's one of those things that will expand to fill all the time available, so best ignoring it for the time being!

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