Thursday, 11 October 2012

An evening with the Prime Minister

Actually the title is a bit misleading, but David Cameron was in the same restaurant as us and sitting at the next table with his wife Samantha.

Our Monday drinking club met on Tuesday instead as Tim could make it to complete the traditional full membership. Bill, Mark, Tim and, since 2000, Jackie and I have met at The Crown (ne: Kings Arms) in Kings Heath on Monday nights for a couple of beers and to put the world to rights. Tim is now FD at a multi-billion pound company based in Derby so moved up there a couple of years ago, so we don't see him so often. This Tuesday he was in Birmingham on business so we changed the day to all meet up, firstly for a beer in the Old Moseley Arms and then onto Diwan's, our favourite Indian restaurant.

We hadn't even ordered our meal when in walked David and Samantha Cameron to a table just by us. The words 'that man is the image of David Cameron' were just coming out of my mouth when I realised it really was him. It was his 46th birthday and he was in Birmingham at the Conservative conference. They had a quiet meal in the corner, paid and left before we had finished our meal, saying it was the best balti he had ever had.

Jay, who runs the place and we know well came over to give us the rundown afterwards. He said he didn't laugh at his joke, but they ate everything and seemed to enjoy it.

Here's a picture of them leaving that appeared in Hello magazine (I hope they don't mind):

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