Thursday, 9 August 2018

Living in fear, a guest blog by ‘Little Ted’

Brian getting licked to death by Ruby dog
Teddy here: we arrived back at Tim and Jill’s having left Big Ted at his storage depot, he seemed quite happy, which is more than can be said for me, the small black bundle of energy they call Ruby has for it in for me, and socks, and pants and shoes..... but they have no feelings!

It started off fine as J&B ate with the family before Jill, Ellie and James headed off on holiday on Sunday. The Ruby Dog was well exercised as her mate Ebony also walks in the field where they chase like mad things, in between snuffling, digging and being encouraged with ‘sausages’ any old bit of dog food they can be encouraged with as a treat. As I quiver under the duvet I can frequently hear the call of “Ruby, sausage, come here Ruby, good girl want a sausage?” All sounds very odd to me!
Stimpy cat

The days have passed quickly as they try to tire out the black peril, which lasts for about an hour, then boundless energy is back. In between Brian going back to Birmingham for various bits of his MOT which have all been fine, and them trying to do a ridiculously hard jigsaw, a Birthday present of a street map of Birmingham. This has been a good excuse to stay in, in the cool while spending some time with Stimpy cat, as they are in ‘her’ sitting room, though I believe explaining this to Ruby has been tricky!

Jackie, Tim and Ruby dog with best friend Ebony dog
Ruby and Ebony dogs rough and tumble, looked on by Ebony's owner Joanne
Tim and Jills house from the other side of their field
Ruby dog and Brian at the start of the Jinny Nature Trail walk
The old Jinny Nature Trail railway station closed in 1948, unearthed from the undergrowth by locals and planted out with wild flowers. See their website:
The line of the old railway on the Jinny Nature Trail
Stimpy cat enjoying some fuss
Jackie with Ruby dog
Running with Ruby dog

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