Sunday, 4 February 2018

Skiing, walking and ski orienteering! – Days 102 to 109

The Nyon cabin just setting off in a clear blue sky
Well we feel we've had a little variety this week, but anyone else may be hard pushed to notice the difference! Sunday to stop him 'bleating' about exercise, we skied half of the local circuit before putting the skins on the skis in order to 'walk' up the piste. Despite having put tape on my foot I hadn't covered the whole danger zone, but fortunately we got to the top before a blister formed. Must try harder!

A section of the waterfalls at Nyon
Tuesday and Wednesday we actually did some short, very pretty walking. B wasn't feeling perfect so we did a walk from the Nyon car park along the river to Morzine and back via some very pretty waterfalls. We've seen the departure point and always wondered where it went. Now we know.

Wednesday we were going to ski but as I put the comfy inner boot into the hard plastic shell I realised that the pivot from one side of the hinge was in my hand rather than acting as a hinge. A sheared rivet. This was not good. 
Taking Gizmo dog out
We went to our nearest ski shop, they said "non, try Ardent Sports" their branch by the ski lift said, "non" the other ski shop said "non" the other branch of Ardent Sports said "non, try Intersport"! So into Morzine feeling fairly despondent, when finally Intersport said "oui, I'll try, come back tomorrow " it was better than that, he rang about an hour later and said "it was easy, €10" HURRAH!!! So with a spring in my step we headed off to look at the possible exit from an exciting descent, to decide it wasn't possible, but at least it'll stop him peering at the map!

Trying out the fresh powder in St Jean
Thursday we woke to snow, so didn't rush up. By the time I'd made stock and then soup, from the chicken carcass, and we'd had lunch it had stopped so we nipped up to do the circuit, fresh powder a good test for newly repaired boot! This was all followed on Friday by a trip to Mont Chery in Les Gets, the last area we haven't been to yet. We did some 'interesting' routes.

Our apartment
And the swimming pool on the floor below us
We've spent the weekend on a mission, remind me next time I see a little 'game' advertised to ignore it! This was the Cross Border Challenge, 22 beacons throughout the whole resort. On Saturday we did 13, the easy ones, which took us to silver level, but was that enough? Don't be silly, we'll get up at 06.30, drive to the furthest outlying area, be there at 08.30 for the first lift..... I was dubious about the first lift time, and he couldn't then find where he read it, though on ringing the Chapelle tourist information she said 08.30/08.45, so I gave up the unequal struggle! We were there at 08.30, he let us on the lift at 09.00! 

Orienteering with a difference - and a view!
We got up the bubble and up the next lift, but no sign of the little orienteering clip we had to punch our card with. The lift guy said it would be there in 10 minutes, well we have one more from here, so off we went, the snow was fab, the pistes empty, back to the previous check point. Still nothing, so with no French and the lift attendants no English, I thought he was going to sign the card, he drew some little dots, but did then sign it too, we took a photo of where the punch should have been and headed off, back in the car, to the next area, up in the lift, to the one check point, down back in the car, next stop for one.... time was passing and we could see all 22 as a no chance, it would have meant the three from Nyon before getting the train across Les Gets for Mont Chery, and back in the car to get back to the final check in by 15.00 - no chance, so having decided the last two were too much we were thrilled to find mulled wine, and cheese, at the one we chose to do last! Obviously time for that! 

The very nice lift attendant who signed our card to say the orienteering clip was missing
Clipping the 20th and last orienteering control
Back to Ardent, to the finish point, as we left with 20 minutes before closing, there was us with 20 each, and one man with 22 in the draw for the gold prizes! Keep everything crossed.....!

A happy Jackie with her nearly completed card

Just two controls missing, 17 and 18 (No. 3 marked up by the lift attendant!)

Won't mean much to those not familiar to the area, butthe 22 red markers are spaced all over the huge PDS area. When we finished only one person had done all 22, we were joint second with 20

Some lift attendants have time on their hands. This ice sculpture of a shark is at the top of the Mont Chery ski lift

This little train is a free shuttle that takes skiers the 300m between ski lifts in Les Gets town


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