Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Skiing and a bit more skiing – Days 82 to 90

Me 'n 'er on a chairlift in St Jean
The skiing for the last week has been much better than we expected. The snow conditions were better, not the sheet ice we expected, the weather has been pleasant and the crowds have not been here.

We've had a good days out with Cassie and Si and Haig and Gabby, and with C&S and Jimmy, Garvan, Ash, and Martin, three of whom we've met before. The main focus of that day out though was the Sunday 'all you can eat' gammon and dauphinois potatoes. How the guests went back to the chalet for the three course dinner I shall never know. We had a couple of biscuits!

Today the forecast weather has come in. Other places in the Alps have had huge amounts of snow, while we either had rain, or nothing, now it's our turn. Although we have rain outside our window, it's snow a little higher up. The problem, as ever, is the wind speed which is high for the next few days, so while precipitating and blowing, we are in!

Todays snow forecast courtesy of www.snow-forecast.com Adding up those red figures of forecasted snowfall equates to 135cm (4.4 feet) between now and Saturday night. That's at the top of our local resort of St Jean, but note the varying freezing levels (bottom line). Anything above 900m means we only see rain here, as we are today, but we can see the snow line higher up the mountain opposite us so, although it looks dull here, we know there's fresh powder up a bit. However, look at the wind speeds, 40kph today means everything up high is closed and, to be honest, anything above about 20kph makes for fairly miserable skiing so, at the moment Saturday will be our first day out
Jackie beneath a moody sky. Photo taken by Cassie
We have made half an effort to be a little more sociable in the vicinity, last Tuesday there was an advert for a dance class on the expats emailed group. Cassie said it was great, and she was going, so we went, and we did have fun, but to Brian's disappointment the promised jive and waltz weren't quite what he expected. It was an exercise class, based on dance, and he was the only man, so don't think he'll be going again! We also popped into the 'other' bar up here, has been under new, British, management since the last time we were here. We had a pleasant drink, and think we might go up again, probably on Saturday when they have a band on, and the special is slow cooked cola ribs which sound delicious!

We have Gizmo sat, though we were cancelled yesterday, as mummy was home sick. He did make my day by actually running about and seeming pleased to see us, having completely ignored us the first time, so that was lovely. Cats have not been so much in evidence this year, though both Callico and Whitey from our previous two visits have shown their faces. They are still as skittish and antisocial, but still look quite well fed, which is good news after four years.

At the top of the bubble in St Jean, our local resort
Our mountain Roc d'Enfer (Rock of Hell)
So all in all a good weeks skiing, though we were both ready for a day off, but didn't feel we should take one till today, as the bad weather may be here for a few days. So nice to be in, boiled up the chicken carcass from yesterday's roast (meant to be Sunday, but after the ham.....) and made some yummy soup for lunch, B has a sultana loaf cooking and I'm about to start on the cauliflower cheese to go with the cold chicken. All very domesticated!
I wanted to take a photo of Jackie at the top of St Jean but she was too quick for me and all I got was her curvy ski track just left of centre
Finding fresh powder in St Jean

The moody mountain. Taken outside our apartment one evening


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  1. Nice moody pics of the mountain. Cold and damp here with the promise of wintery showers. Brrr. Especially cold for poor Monty and his shaved belly! X
    Lots of love. Xx