Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Birmingham Housesitting – September 2017

With Abi in the Mughal-e-Azam restaurant

Left mothers with chicken carcass to make stock for soup for when he couldn't open his mouth en route to the hospital via Sainsbury's for a cooked breakfast to fill him up, only for his phone to ring and the op be cancelled - no surgeon! Very irritated we went straight to Sooty, only to get a message from Abi "the conservatory door is open, is it you?" Do we always get spied on? Apparently not, she just gets messages about the conservatory door!

Sooty cat drinking from the bathroom sink
So a relaxing week as we had planned little, assuming he wouldn't be able to eat/talk/laugh. We've pottered in the shops and had the wheel bearings on the car changed and an MOT, exciting things like that! We caught up with Rob and Alex for a curry on Saturday which was lovely before going to the airport to collect Abi and Mary.

He did have a busier weekend than me, helping daughter Fiona's partner James fit a new bathroom. Sooty and I sang along to Oliver on the TV, much better for me to be alone in the house!

Monday night curry in Diwans with Tim, Fiona, Jill, Bill and Mark
Bathroom fitting at Fiona and James' Buy to Let
Fortunately the op postponement wasn't long and he was snipped yesterday. He's very swollen, but not in pain, but yes, trying to stop him talking/laughing and drinking wine is a problem! He has a big plaster over his top lip so looks a bit odd but that hasn't got to stay for too long.

Abi as ever has been a star, we are still here, but heading off to Stratford upon Avon tomorrow for a last minute sit for two cats, so a little more chilling before packing up and heading off.

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