Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The adventures of Teddy – September 2017

Judith carefully putting me into my sleeping bag

A short post from a guest blogger: Teddy here, having enjoyed themselves out dancing and eating fish and chips in Blackpool, they were running late, and ran off leaving me in bed, now yes, I was cuddled up, warm and cozy, but I don't like to be forgotten!

Apparently Jackie had an inkling and checked as soon as they hit Alvechurch, but it was too late. After careful consideration she decided that perhaps Judith and Richard's in Ledbury was the best place for me to be sent, they didn't want to risk a collection depot in Hackney and Abi had other housesitters in.

Arriving in Redmarley - I got a bit fidgety on the way
Judith in Blackpool carefully put me in a nice padded sleeping bag, much more comfortable than being scrunched up in a compression bag as I've been used to while on the last Americas trip, and put me in the post.

My arrival didn't quite go as planned, the postman tried delivering me to the wrong house, but fortunately the home owner recognised Judith's name and hand delivered me.

Recovering on the bed, with my stand-in while I've been away
It's not the first time I've been in the post, but the last time was probably 27 years ago, between Tring and Nottingham and my legs don't bend like they used to, so I was quite pleased to be let out today once they arrived from London where apparently they had had a lovely last evening with Fenella, back from her holiday.  Brian was very jealous as Benji was really pleased to see his mummy home and perched on her shoulder, snuggling into her neck. They had tried replacing me with a small dog, cuddling up between them on the pillow, but apparently he fidgeted more than me. We are all looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight!
Benji bird snuggling up to his 'mum' Fenella after her return
Kasper asleep on the bed


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