Saturday, 12 September 2015

All over Anglesey

Old Ginge surrounded by a cloud of fur

The weather has been fab so far, Monday we took full advantage with the dogs and took them for two walks which they really seemed to enjoy though they got very tired, we also decided that perhaps we wouldn't get into a daily habit if this as they seem to habituated very quickly. With Ken their normal walk time is 21.00 ish when he finishes work in 'The Codmother' the local chippie, we are keener to walk them before their and our dinner so the evening is our time. A couple of days for their bowels to get used to this and all has been well! More fab bonding time with Ginge though has been great, I think he's a real sweetie, but only outside, as the cloud of fur surrounding him at all times, although reducing covers the whole of the kitchen! I even went as far as putting a ribbon round his neck which he was very good with! He was happier letting his inner kitten out though when I took it off him and he could chase it!

Gelerts grave
Tuesday B planned a walk to Beddgelert which was very pretty, dutifully we went the Gelerts grave, the grave of a faithful dog who greeted Prince Llewelyn, his owner, with a bloody mouth by the empty babies crib. In a rage the prince chopped his head off, before hearing the cry of a baby outside where he found it beside the dead body of a huge wolf, killed by the faithful Gelerts. We say dutifully because although it is a great story, the owner of the local pub admitted he'd made it all up to put the town on the map which he did successfully! 
Along the beautiful Aberglaslyn valley
The walk however, along the river before heading up to a Col, down to a lake and back was beautiful, well rounded off by a visit to the award winning ice cream shop in the town. Seems a bit odd doing a six mile walk before going back to take the dogs out for their mile and a halfer, but they'd never have managed the walk and don’t like going far in the van!

Admiring the view on the Col. Snowdon is the second summit from the left
One of the bays on our 'Around Anglesey' day. This one is Cable Bay
I then convinced B that it wasn't a waste of the good weather to tour the island which we have done for the last three days doing some lovely walks along busy and isolated coastal paths and from North Stack to South Stack by Holyhead including Holyhead mountain the highest point on the island at 220m! We haven't seen dolphins but have seen seals and loads of birds, making the absolute most of the best week of the year weather wise!

Paddling in the sea at Newborough Forest. The mountains of Snowdonia in the distance
We let Cassie lead the walk one night having seemingly got the timing right between giving her her kiddie ibuprofen and going out. She decided that instead of turning left and going back, she wanted to continue straight on over the dunes to the sea. There were not many people around and we were both wearing shorts and sandals so off with the shoes and all five into the sea! Very funny, particularly Sionyn as he tries to jump the waves, forgetting he's on a lead so getting pulled back and splashing a lot! Minnie doesn't like to go far as she only has short legs so it hits her tummy much quicker than anyone else's!

Our bedroom at night, full of snoring but lovable dogs!
We've also been to a different area which really seemed to invigorate Cassie, she was off, to the extent that after having to run after her through brambles as she ran off, vaguely towards the road I had to put her on a lead, well my fleece  anyway as we have never taken a lead for her as we were assured it was completely unnecessary! Did feel like a bad dog walker though as we walked back into the car park with my fleece stretched between us! No photos as this had left B with his hands full with the other two!

One of several breakfasts we've had outdoors this week
Bobby had us both in stitches the other morning, he chunters away talking to the dogs and the cats in the mornings, as long as you are not actually in the same room, I heard a whistle as I was getting dressed to which I replied, followed by another whistle, this went on for some time, till I wandered through the lounge past Bobby to B doing breakfast, only to find he thought he'd been having a conversation with Bobby too! Wish we could have seen him listening to us back and forth!

Ginge with his bow
The sun has finally come out today but the high pressure is on its way out so that might be the end of the good weather. Oh well, dogs still need walking.

Our 'Around Anglesey' couple of days
Aberffraw Bay
Cable Bay. To the right is a hill containing a neolithic burial mound from 2500 to 3000BC
The restored burial mound
Rhosneigr. A popular windsurfing beach, as we know from our friend Bill Voisey who is a frequent expert windsurfing visitor. No windsurfing today though, no wind and no surf!
South stack lighthouse and the sea cliffs of Gogarth. A popular area for pretty good rock climbers. We have never climbed there, you have to abseil in from the top and then you're committed to climbing back out. It's very atmospheric climbing (particularly when the sea is rough) and the guidebook says you need to be able to lead VS confidently. Once maybe we could, but now VS is a rare lead for us!
A headland walk round and up Holyhead mountain. That's a Dublin to Holyhead ferry heading into Holyhead port, just out of sight on the right
On top of Holyhead mountain, the port of Holyhead in the background
North stack signal station, the climbers paradise north cliffs of Gogarth and,on the horizon centre the lighthouse on Skerries island
Silhouetted abseilers in the quarry at North Stack
On the man made causeway separating the sea (right) from the lagoon (left) at Cemlyn Bay
Memorial to the shipwreck of the MV Hindlea (sank 1959) and the island Ynys Moelfre at Moelfre
The remains of the MV Hindlea
The brand new lifeboat 'Kiwi' and new lifeboat station at Moelfre (opened June 2015)
Tomas wanted his photo on the blog
And Ginge wants to show that he enjoys the sun and a bit of fuss as well!
Cassie and Minnie share a bed together
And Sionyn enjoys an afternoon nap!

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  1. Hi both, feeling jealous a tad as it looks lovely there and all those doggies and cats to play with. Not to mention the parrot. Glad you are having good weather as I think it can be quite harsh there when the wind blows! Nice to catch up on your news this afternoon, a lazy Sunday after a great Saturday. Speak to you soon. Xxx