Saturday, 1 August 2015

Catching up with old friends

Either side of our Ramsgate 5 day holiday we had a great day before the holiday with my old friend and ‘Best Man’ at our wedding  John, his wife Danielle, their two girls and a few other old friends at a BBQ at their house and, after the holiday, an evening out in Moseley with other old friends.

Good friends are those that time doesn’t diminish, we can pick up just where we left off, whether it’s a year or several years in between. Thus went these meetings, it may be a long time before we meet again so we cherished and enjoyed every minute, despite waking up with a bad, beer induced, head this morning!
LtoR: Danielle, Andy O, Julie, Andy V, John, Jackie and, John's sister, Patricia (in the distance, John and Danielles two girls and Andy and Julies daughter)

John attending to the BBQ. No gas BBQ here, it's the real thing with charcoal and everything!

Croquet on the lawn anyone? John handing out advice while he gets ready to tap an easy yellow through the hoop. Next to him is Hannah, Andy and Julies daughter, then Naimh, Jackie, Erin, Julie and Danielle taking, Patricia and the two Andys discussing in the background

Friday night out with old friends in the Old Moseley Arms pub in Moseley. LtoR: Jo, Jackie (having another swift drink!), Andy D, Andy V (don't see him for a year and then see him twice in a week!), Mark and Doug (who now lives in Canada and just happened to be over here visiting)

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