Monday, 18 May 2015

Catching up in Brum

Well I had a very sociable time the end of last week, and drank far too much coffee, meeting with Alex on Wednesday and Sarah on Thursday for lots of great catch up.

This obviously left Brian home alone, so he made best use of his time baking, mowing the lawn and going out running!

The birthday cake
After a lazy Friday we were back on the case on Saturday, with B doing another park run, another personal best! Before creating a baking extravaganza, a midnight ring birthday cake to take to a big family gathering on Sunday. It’s the cake I always used to have for my birthday and despite my birthday being before Becky’s apparently it was for her, melted mars bar topping and all! Becky is 15 next week so candles were out and we decided roses were in. 

Brians granddaughter Jenny with Oscar
More socialising in the evening as we went to meet ‘neighbours’ Jo and Mike (well 10 mins away) had a lovely evening with a HUGE Chinese take away. Saw the big ‘rock’ Jo is sporting chosen by Mike all on his own. Brave or what?

Brians niece Steph with Sam and Rory looked on by Oscar
Sunday was ‘Christmas in May’, after her first successful foray into ‘doing’ Christmas, which she was NEVER going to do and we missed, Fiona, B’s daughter, spotted a half price turkey and thought why not repeat the experience, well it wasn’t that painful after all with James doing the cooking! So along with the five of them we were joined by Denise and Paul and their ‘kids’ and Rory the new addition for a great day out. 12 of us in total was cozy in the dining room, as long as no one wanted to leave in a rush, it was fine, a stunning lunch cooked by James, turkey and all the trimmings, crackers and presents and trifle and cake. We were then allowed a brief respite before the rolls were put in for ‘tea’ after which we rolled to the car and groaned our way home!

James working alone like a madman cooking our 'Christmas' dinner
One of the rabbits (forgotten its name!)
It was good to see the house looking like a very comfortable home having only seen it as a work in progress last year, and to see Fiona and James so happy together. Little Rory was a star, sleeping through dinner so allowing both Steph and Sam to enjoy their food uninterrupted.

Jenny with Brians nephew Nick
We were introduced to Oscar, the cat and the rabbits we are sitting for in July, no worries with Oscar, though we may have to turn the radio up loud and go out occasionally so he doesn’t think he’s gone deaf! The rabbits are a little more scary, they just hop about the garden, digging their way into next door if not watched closely enough. Whether we stand any chance of getting them into their hutch overnight who can tell! Oh well, the hot tub will be installed by then so perhaps we’ll just have to lounge in that all evening watching them and keeping an eye out for foxes!
Brians eldest granddaughter Abbie taking a short break from her phone
Brian, James and Fiona discuss the garden and the patio ready for the hot tub
Brians daughter Fiona
Brians granddaughter Becky
Jackie serving up 12 'Christmas' dinners
Photo taken by Becky, clockwise: Brian, Jackie, Steph, Sam, James, Fiona, Abbie, Paul, Denise, Nick and Jenny
James taking a well deserved break
After lunch competition: wind up reindeer racing!
Jackie has a cuddle of Rory while talking to Sam, Fiona is still washing up!
Its all a bit much for Rory who needs a cool flannel to keep him cool
Sam and James' turn for reindeer racing, Fiona has a cuddle of Rory
The cake went quite well then!

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