Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Much more walking

Charlie not feeling she's getting enough attention makes her presence felt!

We spent Saturday cooking up a storm which was great fun, in preparation for Denise and Paul (B’s sister and b-in-l) coming to visit on Monday, it was a little early possibly but we were meeting up with Helen, Ian and Monty dog on Sunday. So steak and kidney pie, chili, refried beans and guacamole for a Mexican extravaganza, millionaires slice and lime mascarpone desert later, oh and dinner for ‘tonight’ later, we finally stopped!

Sunday dawned bright and early and off we went to meet the guys. First guest entry from a dog below!

This is me, Monty Dog, a very lovable labrador!
Monty Dog: What a fun day we have all had with my new friends Jackie

and Brian.  The morning started early for a Sunday - though I never

complain about an early breakfast!
We (me, mum and dad), set off in the car just after nine, with promises of a lovely day ahead.
In no time at all we had pulled into a pub carpark in Beckford and two

lovely smiling people greeted me. Mum and Dad had said they were

friendly, so even though they smelt of cats - lots of cats, I responded

with a wagging tail and friendly lick. 
Ian, Brian, Helen, Jackie and Monty Dog
Then off we went on our big walk.
I had quite a bit of off lead walking early on, up lanes and around the

edges of fields.  At one point I got put back on a lead when I kept

eating dried muck that had been spread on the fields. Shame really as it was delicious!
I did get a bit over excited when I met some huge animals called horses. I didn't know if I needed to protect everyone from them or if they wanted to play.  They went past without stopping so the problem passed.  We saw sheep with their lambs too, but they were far enough away to not bother me.
I was just starting to get really tired about 9 miles in, when we reached a resting place called the Star Inn. They all sat around the table and ate yummy smelling food, while I rested. To be fair I did get some treats and a chewy stick too.
Jackie and Helen enjoy a catch up chat in beautiful countryside
After a little snooze we set off again for the last 3 miles back to the first pub and then decided to sit in the sunshine for a chat before going

home. Whilst they all ate and drank a bit more, I sat politely while

random children fussed me.
I was really too tired to do much more than politely wag and have a big refreshing drink, oh and snooze a bit more!
Sheep and little lambs looking on as we pass by
Then everybody decided it was time to go back into the cars and go home. I

was happy to get in and settle down for the journey home.
I am looking forward to further adventures with Jackie and Brian soon! Zzzzzzzz

Monty Dog says 'bye-bye' till next time!
We felt the same, zzzzzzz, so for the second Sunday we crashed in front of Indiana Jones on the telly!

It also meant I rebelled on Monday (that and I had slept really badly for the first time since being here) and put off  our ‘big walk’ with D&P, though they were easily persuaded when I pointed out that the pub,  although open every other lunchtime was shut on a Monday……

Brian, Jackie, Denise and Paul at Yat Rock lookout
This is guest writer Denise Williams here (Brian's sister)

We spent a couple of fabulous days with B & J this week in fantastic very warm spring sunshine! The house they are sitting near Ledbury is really fabulous- we felt like we were in a hotel really! The rooms are all very spacious and of very high quality with an upstairs conservatory which has amazing views over the beautiful countryside!

Ice creams at the Log Cabin Cafe, Symonds Yat
We arrived on Monday morning to be greeted by 5 affectionate cats and be served tea in the conservatory while we had a nice catch up. We then went off on a 4 mile walk around Symonds Yat - mainly in the forest followed by a welcome ice cream at the top of the 'Yat rock' at the end. The views and the weather were spectacular - it was so good to be out in the countryside just as all the trees are sporting their new spring green. We then returned home to more tea and homemade cake and lovely heat in the conservatory.

'After walk' beer and wine in the conservatory
Jackie, Brian and 'sis' Denise
Jackie produced a lovely Mexican inspired dinner on the evening, washed down with plenty of wine. We all went to bed tired but very relaxed.

The next day we set off on a walk that started from the house called the Poets walk- it was apparently inspired by the work of 6 poets who gathered near Ledbury to write poetry just before the outbreak of the Second World War. The walk was 8 miles, so just at the upper edge of my comfort zone but was thankfully very flat for the most part! It was very scenic and interesting too as we saw two wild daffodil meadows full of narcissus pseudonarcissus - our native wild daffodil and lots of other wild flowers just coming out on the hedgerows. It made us realise just how lucky we are with the rolling green hills of the English countryside and on our Queens birthday too!

Jackie and Denise among the yellow dandelions
St Marys Church Dymock
It is St George’s day on Thursday and we all felt we English should be making more of this- although I doubt we will. Our walk was broken half way with a half in the Beauchamp Arms pub followed by sandwiches in the nearby churchyard- eaten whilst enjoying the lovely view from the top of the hill, the site of the lovely St Marys Church at Dymock.

Jackie, Denise and a Massey Ferguson 35 tractor!
We returned home to a homemade steak & kidney pie cooked by Brian before reluctantly saying goodbye to them with a promise to meet up again when they are house sitting again in Solihull in May. We both felt like we had enjoyed a lovely little holiday- it was lovely to have a change of scene for a couple of days and somewhere so beautiful too. Thanks!

Paul stepping off a footpath bridge (the rest of us walked through an open gate 10m away!)
The very high rapeseed (actually Jackie, Paul and Denise are crouching down!)
Jackie, Denise, Paul and Brian enjoy a lunchtime beer
Denise,Paul and Brian in a scenic spot...
...Jackie, however, was finding the going a 'bit tough'!
The little robin says 'hello'!
Ginger also says 'hello'
As does Fred
And Molly (Lottie was out)!
And Brian enjoys the warm April sunshine


  1. Lovely to read Paul and Denise's piece about a lovely couple of days you guys spent together. Our day was lovely too. Great guest writing all round xxx