Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Too sad to write

Grandma, Judith, Cassie and Jackie

Lovely morning with Cassie and Judith and Grandma (not sure we were ever told her name!) in the park, though no photos of me demonstrating the gymnastic equipment as B was in charge of Grandma in her chair which he took very seriously! 

“Would we like to come for fish pie tomorrow?” would we ever? Our fish intake has gone down since we’ve been high up in the mountains! B went out for a ski, on his own, as I had been awake for hours in the night, and the forecast was pretty rubbish, luckily for him although it poured down here, he was ok! Lovely evening, yummy fish pie and B’s coffee and walnut cake, and the usual look of amazement on peoples faces when you tell them that B is granddad to a 15 year old, and that he can teach ballroom and latin dancing, not that the two are linked, but the surprise about both is always high!

Art in the park
Descending the mogully black
Sunday was the last day the resort was open so we had to go out, and to be honest it was fairly grim, rain or snow depending on altitude, and cloud! BUT to go down 'James' Folly' a steep mogully black, with a good layer of fresh powder on the top was lovely, fortunately the lumps underneath were soft as if they'd been hard and icy it would have been an entirely different ball game. Really didn’t expect to be making fresh tracks in fresh snow! Did it twice, as the 'interesting’ bit was clear, but then skied into a damp cloud, sticky snow, to get to the lift! 

Looking down the mogully black towards the cloud that we had to ski into
Last ski photo
Weather then seemed to worsen - iceblasting the face, so that was it. Except that B needed 6 more runs, to get him up to the 1500 after his trip out without me on Tuesday, and I'm SO not bothered, but he went round a little loop twice while I went and sat in the car! His grand total …….. 1504 runs!

Met up with Carole and her ski-instructor husband, Andy, (for the first time) yesterday morning for coffee, which was very pleasant, though Morzine was like a ghost town, we didn’t expect it to be so quiet there! We got thrown out of the only place we’d found open about lunchtime but we’d had a chat, and I’d handed back my keys! Really is nearly time, so some packing done today, just the ‘tricky’ stuff left for tomorrow and then getting it all in the car!

Morzine town square without the snow and people. The grass slope was the 'red' run back to the resort and just to it's left is the Pleney lift. Centre, behind the building, is another chairlift going up through the trees. Just to the right of the building the luge track can be seen snaking down the hillside and, far right, the big television screen plays to no-one
Our window view, trees with new green shoots, but a bit of snow still at the top
I’ve loved it here, I can’t think of any other exercise I’d get up and want to do day after day, though perhaps not for as much of the day as B! The atmosphere up here is great and we just feel we are beginning to settle in – skiing with Carole, meeting Cassie and Si for skiing, dinner and via ferrata.. and now we’ve got to go. We have loved the change in the view from our window, the birds that come to visit for the bread and fat balls (blue tits, great tits, jay, nuthatch, magpie, robin, black redstart) and the foxes and pine marten I’ve seen in the night on the windowsill or the balcony railing. Not to mention Whitey and Calico the most regular feline visitors, along with at least half a dozen others. May traditionally is when everyone goes away, having worked hard all winter, before the mountain bikers come in for the summer, so we are just joining the mass exodus, we have primed Carole that we may be back summer ’15 and want the place till this time in 2016, she seemed a bit surprised!

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