Tuesday, 4 March 2014

What our unexpected visitors said…

Car windscreen repair

It’s Tuesday afternoon, three days since we skied with Steve, Ash, Paul, Neville and Ben and what have we done? Not a lot! We didn’t go out at all on Sunday, partly because we were exhausted (well me anyway) and partly because it was the second French half term week and this would be their first day out along with locals visiting for the day, making the slopes very busy. We did go out on Monday, but it was snowing with very poor definition and visibility, so pretty unpleasant and we came home after a couple of hours. Today we’ve been out to our local resort, but only for a couple of hours. I’m still feeling pretty tired, aching legs and an aching rib that hurts when I breathe deeply and when I ‘pole’ (have I cracked a rib? It’s possible). 
This afternoon we’ve had to be in, as we’re having the windscreen changed in the car as the original cracked, our insurance company arranged it and the French equivalent of Autoglass turned up and did it outside our apartment. Very easy, just cost us £75 excess. It’s also being looked at in the garage in the village tomorrow as its ‘ABS’ light has come on and we have no ABS braking (not good on icy roads), so more money to spend on it, but we’ve no complaints, it does very well in the often sub-zero temperatures.

We’ve had a few emails from the guys since they’ve been back and Ash has sent on some of his photos and a video he took, so this entry is to add some of Ash’s photos and some of the more amusing emails:

This one was from Paul:

Guys, gal!

Hey, what an awesome time. Thanks for the great company and fantastic memories: 

Steve: organising trip, working for Brian, letting me rub Tiger Balm on your back, buying my birthday meal, being able to pack all that ski gear in his hand luggage, putting up with Ash and my snoring and being Steve Mac (there's only one!)

Brian: tour guide extrordinaire, employing Steve Mac, retiring, bloody good bloke, losing a ski to make me feel better

Jackie: being 'one of the lads', tour guide extrordinaire, taking redundancy, bloody lovely gal, not letting Brian have a sweet 'cos he really didn't deserve one

Ash: being cameraman, having a bad heel so you didn't show us skiers up, snoring louder than me, being gadget man, not mentioning your bad heel that much

Ben: being a Barrister, fairly good dance mover, persuading me to join in with raiding the chalet fridge, dropping glasses, spilling drinks, displaying why you are called CANNONBALL, wiping out more than me, not paying the chalet bar bill


Thanks again guys 'n' gal...it's been a blast!! Hope we can ski/board again sometime :-)

PS Only joshing Nevlar!: top lad, having outstanding compassion, understanding why skiers have to make moguls, holding the group speed record (respect), waiting for us all after every run, giving it large on the second night with me, paying the chalet bar bill 

And Ben said:

Ooops, the chalet bar bill. Was it one beer or two I had? Nev?

Ok..we had better not leave Paul out...

Paul: dragging at least two snowboarders at once uphill on more than one occasion, party stamina, helping me raid the chalet fridge (and then going into confession with Sean the next morning - did you do it twice?), warning others "Ben's coming" on the piste, quality shirts (Sean was asking me about missing tea towels by the way) and reassuring me that planes are very safe.

Great video Ash:

And this was taken today, still lots of fresh powder snow

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