Saturday, 15 February 2014

Back to normality

By the lake in the wind and rain!

Sadly Thursday wasn’t as good as Tue and Wed, but we still went out for a couple of hours and did a walk from one of the lift carparks to the frozen lake at Montriond via the waterfall through the trees. It was a lovely walk but sadly it was pouring down the whole time and when we got into the open by the lake the wind whistled round our ears, so a hasty retreat to the bar for vin chaud was called for, and well deserved as the walk back was all uphill, AND in the pouring rain!

The frozen waterfall (no good for ice climbing though)
Night off for me as we went out for a last meal, Denise, B and I shared a fondue while Paul had tartiflette (a mixture of bacon, onion, cheese and potato, added to the list of things I must find a recipe for and make!) Very pleasant it was too.

So after a relatively early night and the alarm going off at 06.00 to get them to the airport on time, which we did, surprisingly, having spoken to Carole who collected Ben from the airport the previous evening and said the wind, rain and trees had caused the first, easy, hour long part of the journey to take two hours! 
Jackie found an igloo!
And seemed quite comfortable in there
Fortunately we were blissfully unaware, and all was sorted and we got there on time. We had sort of been aware – it’s difficult to miss a thunder storm that reverberates round the mountains for ages per rumble and causes the lift to be closed early (well who wants to be out in a bubble lift in a thunderstorm?) The little house is now returned to peace and tranquility, not that having them here was a problem at all, we had a lovely time, all fitting in such a small space and getting on remarkably well. We had a quick ski yesterday after the airport run, but hit the rainy worst part of the day, but have had a lovely ski today with Carole though it was now very warm (11 degrees on return home) and the snow very slushy. Makes it easy to ski on, and we had to make the most of it as it is now half term and madness will reign on the slopes and all over – even parking at home may be tricky apparently! At least we have the option of not going out till the madness is over!

The welcome Vin Chaud at the end
Wildlife count has increased over the last few nights, not only have small cat one and two been visiting for their crunchies, but black and white old cat with manky eyes has too. On top of this I’ve opened my eyes overnight to see a pine marten eating the birds bread on the balcony railing, and last night a fox on the window sill eating cat crunchies! Fabulous.

Other noteworthy successes to mention are: on returning from the supermarket to find we’d been charged 99 cents for a 70 cent avocado, we popped in the next day and got a reimbursement using nothing but French (and pointing!) And for me, getting Denise on skis, B was so convinced it would never happen, I really should have had a bet with him! I was so proud of her.

Skiing on Saturday with Carole
I just want to add how much we enjoyed Denise and Paul being here, they are so easy and fun to be with. It was great to be able to spend time with them as, unlike many siblings, Denise and I have always been close and done lots together in our younger days, so it was great to catch up and spend time with them both. It was also a joy to see how they both, but Denise in particular was so taken with the fabulous scenery and the general skiing format of gently skiing down slopes in beautiful sunshine and, when feeling a bit thirsty, stopping for a drink at one of the many bars on the slopes. It is a pleasant way of life and I think they really bought into that, maybe they will learn to ski!
Here's one Carole took of the two of us

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  1. What a happy and full of love blog.... despite the rain! It sounds like you have had a fabulous week. particularly interested to hear about the different time slots certain animals have on your window sill. Hope half term is not too manic... now I know where all the traffic has gone. Getting into town this morning took 10 mins instead of 40! Helen xx