Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Fun (!) on the road in the snow

On the skibus, commuting between resorts not linked by lifts

Fun in the snow on our way home this afternoon! On our way home early as it had started to snow icy flakes which hurt on our faces as we skied, we stopped at the supermarket and, when we came out it was falling heavily, covering the roads at an alarming rate, despite the snow ploughs being in action. The drive back to our apartment is a steep hill and, as we turned one of the corners, there was a school bus stuck (all the kids out having a snowball fight), the driver out fitting his snow-chains, a hopeless teenage driver, a cement lorry, sadly some Brits (1) with their instructions out trying to work out how to put on their snow chains on, all on their way up, a navette skibus, three cars on the way down and someone in the ditch! Amazing how it can deteriorate into chaos within minutes!

Jackie, Mike R, Brian, James and Roger
Jackie, Mike R, Roger and James
I was helping push hopeless teenage driver (only into someones drive as she was that hopeless!) who, incidentally had a passenger sitting inside while I pushed, while B was putting on our snow chains. Moved 2nd 'idiot Brit' who had glibly sailed passed B, only to find he was going nowhere, then stopped so no-one could come up or down past him, so by the time embarrassing Brits (1) had got their chains on and moved, and the three cars behind the navette skibus had come down, we could at least get away, though this did seem to involve me running up hill!

Looking down into Torgon, the furthest we can go in the Portes du Soleil ski area. At the head of the valley you can just see the edge of Lake Geneva
Our lunch stop today
Half hour after we got in, the sky cleared and, when we went out later, the road completely cleared. Glad we had our snow-chains and had practised putting them on before having to do it for real (unlike some!)

An evening at SMC's hotel in Morzine. Jackie, Jo, Mike D, Roger, James and mike R

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