Monday, 9 September 2013


Brian using the 'sit-up press' by the pool

We left Koh Tao for Koh Phangan on Sunday morning, on the slightly cheaper boat (450 not 500baht) as it departed and arrived at the same time as the other one! Why wouldn’t you? Arrived at the pier, brushed aside all the people offering accommodation and taxis as we were being collected by someone from our resort! It was only through reading a review on Tripadvisor that said he’d collect we thought we’d give it a go, plus it might give us an idea of whether he ‘hated us or not! 

my turn, once I'd stopped laughing
We booked through as their price was 800baht compared with the cheapest room we could find on his website at 1300baht! I was in favour of emailing to see if he’d match,  but B just wanted to book it, get it done, so as well as being cheap, they then have to pay commission to on top! Anyway, he obviously doesn’t ‘hate’ us, as his email said he’d collect and take us to the optician shop (B’s reading glasses fell to pieces on Friday and we didn’t like the choice or cost of the one available style on Koh Tao, but in the end, he couldn’t wait as he has a lot of reading to do!) which was really sweet, and he’d upgraded us to a 1500baht room – well we are the only ones here! For 800 it’s a fab room, not sure what we’d have thought for 1500 though!

Our bungalow (left), restaurant, sea through the trees beyond and pool centre right
Sunset on the beach
It is like paradise, little bungalows round the pool 20m from the beach, nice restaurant, we had dinner last night in the hour and a half it should be shut, I think, having read the notice this morning. I asked for a large beer, “Singha?” he said “Chang?” I said (well it’s the cheapest, and they are all cold and wet and 6.4%) He then hovered to take our food order, which seemed a little odd, but this allowed the chef and odd job man to walk down from their bungalow, so she could go in the kitchen, he could get on the moped to whizz off to buy beer, shortly followed by Mr.Man on another moped to buy whatever ‘chef’ hadn’t got in the kitchen! Felt just a little embarrassing! 
Dinner on the beach with Koh Samui island in the distance
Still it was a very nice meal and he’d sensibly bought two beers, so that was ok! Breakfast was the same, ordered, and off whizzed a moped was that for the yogurt, fruit or bacon? Who knows! After breakfast, found that two loungers had appeared on the beach (as they did yesterday!) so rude not to lounge really! In the shade, accompanied by big 'garden pruning' dog and 'ginger' dog who were one either side of B, and when they wandered off and 'full moon party' cat (her collar is an old party wristband) came over, they came back and chased her across the beach up a tree! 'Bitey' cat and 'stripe nose' are looking after us by the pool just now, under the loungers, but they are not terribly fond of each other, so take it in turns! 
'Ginger' dog at my feet and 'No3' sleeping
'Big', 'Ginger' and 'No3' getting us home after breakfast
That is what I have so far failed to mention, it’s a lovely resort, great facilities, tasty reasonable priced food, and on top of that 22 cats and half a dozen dogs? All very well behaved, I’ve seen no mess, it’s wonderful! So far we have ‘massage’ cat who lives in the massage room ‘check-in’ cat who did just that, ‘Little white’ kitten who is tiny, only been here a week and under close guard of the Mrs, so she doesn’t get eaten by a dog!

'Full Moon Party' coming to chill
Me, and me and me and me (B may have broken the camera, but he found the panorama maker that came with it!)
'Big' chasing 'FMP' up a tree

'Ginger' and 'Big' cooling in the sand
'Stripe Nose' on the verandah
‘Stripe nose’, ‘Full moon party’ and ‘Bitey’ all came into the room at once yesterday, decided they liked the coolness of the tiled floor with the A/C on! One decided it wanted to go out, so opened the door and there was ‘Blackie’, so instead of one out it was another one in! We could be here some time! Life is so hard, but we have a flight to Kuala Lumpur to catch on the 14th!

'Bitey' under a sun lounger
'Massage' practicing yoga while waiting for a client

'Check-in' hasn't really had a busy day - only us here!
'Little White' away for the night chewing my finger

'Hammock' cat, so called as when we first met she was in the roof lining of her house

'Little White' looking down from the hammock!


  1. Hi both, it was great to see you and speak to you Sunday. Good to know all going well. Enjoyed yesterdays and todays blogs! Must say that the Elvis story goes back more than 3 years...more like 5-6! (Sign of getting old!). Great to see some doggy pictures too! Tell me... does Jackie walk round wearing cat nip? Lots of love, Helen xxxx

    1. We knew you'd have to comment, and keep telling 'Big' dog that if Helen was here he'd be off for walkies. He's very good, sits on the verandah or beach 'protecting' us from those pesky cats, but doesn't try to come in! Cats come in when invited, so have 'full moon party' asleep on the bed, after she sat on the table outside asking to come in!