Thursday, 20 June 2013

Still in Brisbane!


We seem to have taken root, too comfortable perhaps! Before going to Paul and Cats we’d called into the Travellers Autobarn depot (TAB) as we felt that the lights shouldn’t be as dim and unreliable as they were, so perhaps the battery needed looking at. “All fine” we were told, “but I’ve replaced your fluorescent strips!” “Oh no you haven’t” we thought, “you’ve just swapped them all around!” Having not slept in the van or had the fridge on much (only the couple of nights at Mt Barney) we haven’t needed the lights much, first night out we did use the LED strip from the cigarette lighter, that we were grudgingly given in Sydney, second night we just sat by the fire in the dark with the odd torch for company. (Hmm, reminded of the fire every time I move as the chair smells of smoke, as did we and all our clothes! They were easier to wash though!) Anyway as we set off 4 lights came on the dash board, oil, water, handbrake and battery! Not good! Quick phone call suggested that probably meant the alternator had gone, well that could explain a few things! 
Carpet in the van! What do you think?
Sorted out all the post camping stuff and after a throw away comment came back to find Paul and B carpeting the van, talk about posh! So after an early night, as we were all pathetic and not good company for poor Cat, sorry, not to mention the groans every time one of us moved and our aching thighs protested, back we went to TAB. He tried to tell us (as the dash lights had gone out just before arrival, obviously) that a cell had gone in the battery. We wanted more, so we left it with him, with strict instructions not to damage the carpet!

Sharon, Jackie and Dennis on the RiverCat
We had been in touch by email and phone tag with my step-brother’s, wife’s, parents, (keeping up?) Sharon and Dennis who, like heroes, arrived at TAB and swept us away, we went for a lovely ride on the river on the fast rivercat to the South Bank where we shared a couple of pizzas and had a very nice lunch, what a wonderful couple, such fun, we had a lovely time. We are looking forward to the itinerary Sharon said she’d suggest for us for a trip inland (shame we have no internet!) 

Back to TAB, new battery and new alternator fitted, plus wonder of wonders, three days refund because of all the time we’ve had to waste! (I’m so hard!) Tonight will be the true test though, we have left comfort and ‘civilian life’ and are back out on the road, but only after I had a fabulous night out last night!

Cat had booked two tickets for the stadium tour of Jesus Christ Superstar with Tim Minchin (odd comedian who I recognised, but am not particularly au fait with) Mel C (from the Spice Girls) and the latest winner of the Andrew Lloyd Webber “search for a ….” Superstar in this case! Plus a few antipodean celebrities I’m not up on either. Paul however had decided it wasn’t really his thing – “is it going to mention God?” so would I like to go? Talk about biting his hand off! It was wonderful, hairs up on the back of the neck, damp eyes, the whole nine yards! And, not allowed to pay as Paul had messed up! $115 dollars would have been a bit of a shock to our budget! So all in all a top day, thanks to everyone! If I have one regret it’s that Paul and Cat, and Dennis and Sharon all live in Brisbane, and that D&S’s house was being painted so they couldn’t have us there, because……. they have a cat! I’ve still only seen one in the month we’ve been here.

Brian: Paul and I went out to a pub for a beer, followed by a spicy hot Vietnamese meal - good manly stuff!

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  1. Go Girl! Would have loved to see the show! Oh and (deep manly cough), well done Brian - beer! hot food! very manly indeed :-) xx