Tuesday, 19 February 2013


On the advice of Mums ex next door neighbour and a couple we met a while back, we’ve been up to Karamea, another long road leading nowhere – 100km from the last town, it was beautiful, they were right, however there were also sandflies, lots of sandflies! Having been ignored by them up till that point, Mum had decided she was immune, sadly she wasn’t, and neither were we, we are all now slightly unsure where to put ourselves as we all itch, I’m covered in huge blisters as I haven’t scratched, and the other two are really sore as they have!

Mrs. Indiana Jones
We wanted to go kayaking and fancied the trip through the limestone arches, sadly it was ‘off’ (not sure why) “but there’s a lady in the village who organises kayaking” So off we went to see Sylvia, she threw us in the back of the car, down to the river, dropped us in and off we went. She was sitting on a rock to watch us pass the worst of the rapids, which we all did with aplomb, though sadly Mother didn’t turn sharply enough at the bottom, and got wedged into a log, she got out, the kayak filled with water and it took all three of us to release and empty it! 
Gran Indiana Jones
“Right then, see you in an hour or so” she said, and off we went. It was a joy, though a little more water in the river wouldn’t have gone amiss as we all beached a few times and had to bounce ourselves over the rocks or get out and walk! It was peaceful and chilled, with just enough activity to keep the interest up! I was in the front ‘routefinding’ which worked out fine except for the once I went through a very narrow gap passed a log, so sent them the other way round which turned out to be very shallow.
Mr. Indiana Jones
I always say I should never be in the front though! We got to the end surprisingly quickly and a bit soon for all of us (though the thumbs were starting to just get a bit sore) always better to feel it’s finished a smidge too soon, rather than gone on far too long. Really really good fun, did think C&C would be proud of gran, paddling off down the river!

Cruisin' down the river....
The impossible to photograph fully 'Operara Arch'
After lunch we thought we’d better do the standard tourist things, so off to the limestone arch, which they are right, was very impressive and impossible to photograph well. On up to the cave system where the cave wetas live (truly ugly things, though not as big as the forest ones) to be fed on by the up to 15cm cave spiders! 

A Cave Weta
Saw 2 wetas on our way out stopped to photograph, exclaim over etc, only to see a (not quite 15cm) huge spider over our heads! Had a fit of the screaming habdabs and left! 
One of 'those' spiders

Mirror Tarn
Muriel Gate Arch
Mirror tarn was as it says on the tin, looks ideal to be made into a jigsaw, so watch out on the next ski trip! B walked round to look at the second arch while we retired to the van to prepare tea and cake, very civilized. Back to the camp overnight before setting off today stopping en route to Picton at Murchison, in theory for chilling, but actually being harassed by the evil little black biting b&%$(&*s

Sadly we didn't see any
River mirror reflections

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  1. Hi you three! Glad you are having fun. Those sand flies are a bloomin nuisance though by the sound of it. Don't know if I would survive without my special potions (remember Scotland... I drowned everything that flew near and touched me!). The spider thing and Weta thing are equally scary and I would be horrified to look up and see them looking down!! Big 'well done' to Pauline for doing the kayaking - most impressive, as I may have taken the lazy "I'll sit here and watch" choice. Though, the sand flies may have helped me to think otherwise I guess. We are off to Cornwall on Saturday - wish us luck! Ian seems to think Rudi might get into a pub! We'll see! Lots of love to you all. Helen, Ian & Rudi xxx