Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Back to the Bluffs

As B was just finishing adding the pictures to this I rushed up and told him to put the pc away and hurry up – he wasn’t very impressed, till I told him the sunset wouldn’t wait for him, he was pleased he listened to me really!

Woke up relatively early, so decided another climb was called for, so glad we did. It was fabulous, we’d both enjoyed yesterday, but wished it could have either been a little bit harder or a little bit longer, so we decided on 2 grades harder, one 30m pitch (with a 60m rope) and the second possibly needing a bit of gear as the bolts claimed to be a little ‘run out’. I did the first pitch (indoors B always had to go first, outside I always have to go first) which I thoroughly enjoyed, about a 16/6a, brought B up and he decided as he’d carried the gear in he’d give the second pitch a go, some shiny new bolts filled in the ‘run out’ gaps, shame he missed the one just below the overhang, and had used the not so good looking old one! Not that it mattered, he sailed up it, carrying the gear for nothing, but a bit of weight training!

30m off the ground, end of rope only just reaches second abseil chain!
Getting down was slightly interesting the rope only just being long enough to reach the second lower off, amazing what a bit of rope stretch will do! The day was getting hotter, so having had a thoroughly good time we left the Mt Cook National Park. We are now in Fairlie, at quite an old park, BUT it’s got FREE WiFi!!!! (and laundry, but that’s not nearly so exciting!) Most unusual, so we’ve had cake and iced coffee (B has become a dab hand – coffee, chocolate, sugar, crushed ice and whipped cream! He’s keeping the stone he use today apparently – it’s ideal as an ice crusher!) while uploading pictures, downloading the post (thanks Sarah), sitting in the sun and reading our books. (I’m going to have to go and have my second shower since arriving, if my newly washed towel is dry, as sunbathing is very hot work! I’m just worried I too may have developed stripes!)

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