Monday, 5 November 2012


I'll have to start my own entry, as if I add to the bottom of Brian's it may never get read!

We traveled to Kanchanaburi third class, this means hard wooden seats and AC through having all the windows open, this was fine till we got I guess to where there are only 2 trains a day when pruning started, and bits and bugs and all sorts were coming in the windows, didn't quite get to needing sunglasses as goggles, but was pretty close! The guest house we are in is lovely, finally got a hot shower, after no hot water in Bangkok, hurrah, it's cheap, and the food is fab, though slightly overpriced, so we are walking into town to eat now!

We had a couple of busy days, the cookery course we did with the owner of the guest house we are in was great - a trip to the market, followed by cooking four dishes, two of which we had for lunch, then put two in the fridge for supper! Whether it will really make a difference when we get home, who can tell, as it's getting hold of all the ingredients that will be a problem! Plus, "just use this curry paste I've prepared" - that's the tricky bit after all!
one of our creations, Phad Thai I think!
Went on a trip yesterday to a big waterfall on 7 levels, at each of which you could swim, obviously we had to go to level 7, which on the plus was quieter as most people stop at 5 or before, but on the minus the fish seemed hungrier! they weren't really biting you, just doing that nibbling thing that people seem to be paying good money for in shopping
level 4 waterfall, with naturally occurring water slides
centres and the like, only these fish were a bit bigger and you couldn't see them coming! I know Brian doesn't like having his feet touched, but I've never heard him giggle in such a high pitched way, not quite hysteria but close, knocked the raise in voice from the dugout canoe in crocodile infested water into a cocked hat!
 Then onto Hellfire pass, which has a very interesting and sobering museum about the Thai/Burma railway, see B's blog entry for all the history stuff! Quick trip on the Death railway followed by a trip to the bridge over the river Kwai, which we'd already seen, twice, but I guess it's the law - every trip round here must go there!

We've seen some interesting animals since we've been here, we saw the leopard just on the pavement, and the snake, poking its head out of the bamboo that makes the edge of a table, fortunately not the one we were sitting at as it might have made us jump!

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  1. Ha ha, thoughts of giggling Brian and the nibbling sharks!
    Great photo with the spotty cat! xx